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Our History

Our Vision

To be recognized as a highly effective, efficient, professional and continuously developing water distributor company in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. Our goal is to be very well known and highly recommended for our excellent quality products and services across UAE .. Simply to reach that Blue Lagoon water is the best Bottled Drinking Water Delivery Company in the UAE.

Our Mission

PROVIDE AN EFFECTIVE, EXCELLENT QUALITY AND HIGH STANDARDS PROGRAM CONDUCTIVE TO: Ensuring water distribution and delivery within the UAE commercial and noncommercial business area and as well, we aim to enlarge our markets and clients segments rapidly and effectively outside UAE business space. Offering our existing and future clients the best water related services in terms of Customer Service Management, ensuring our customers voice is heard and listened to. We want to keep our customers always updated about our products, prices, special offers, vouchers and promotions. We aim to cater to every need of our customers and welcome any good advice and suggestion that can help us further assist them in a better way. We, the Blue Lagoon team, believe and build our products, services and customer service related programs in a way that will allow us to offer personalized service to our loyal customers. Provide our clients specialized services and consultancy in terms of water purchasing, delivery, distribution and related services. Our team of water consultants will make a personalized and client oriented water offer considering the following criteria: corporate & non-corporate client; company size; water consumption volume & frequency, etc.